Our Mission

As the premier hardware store in Perry County, we highly value our contractors. Heller's has staff dedicated to coordinating with our contractors and providing the materials they need.

With our extensive supplier connections, we are able to get what you need to get the job done, all while giving you the personal treatment that makes Heller's special. When you walk in, we know your name and we know what you need. We are here to help you get the job done.

Our Suppliers

We have an extensive portfolio of suppliers that we work with. We have an intimate knowledge of each of our supplier's products and use cases. We are able to get you the materials you need at the price you want. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. If there is a vendor you would like to know more about please give us a call.

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Cement Siding

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Other Categories

Lumber, Hardwoods, Fencing, Drywall, Rebar, Metal Building, Pipe, Wire, Landscaping, Kitchen Cabinets, Roofing, Concrete, Hardware, Locksets, Ventilation, Driveway Repair, Moulding, Metal Stock, Chain, Rope, Cable, Fasteners, Mailboxes, Anchors and Wall Hardware, and much more.